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Founded in 2012 in Switzerland after its two founders successfully collaborated on a project for a client in the watch industry – AIM set out to create a niche in bespoke innovative solutions mainly for tech based SME’s.


This landlocked country has managed to stay at the forefront of innovation by having a strong policy on education while investing heavily in infrastructure. Underpinned by its flagship industries; Horology, Precision machinery, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Bio-tech, Banking and Chocolate – Switzerland is consistently cited as one of the most innovative countries in the world.

AIM is committed to aide companies – Swiss or foreign – to benefit from these exceptional conditions in order to increase efficiency, competitive advantage and scale – resulting in a healthier bottom line.

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Expanite A/S

Industrivænget 34
3400 Hillerød, Denmark

The Progress Watch Co., Ltd.

Watch Case Manufacturing Since 1974

Expanite is a game-changing surface hardening process for stainless steel that will make you and your customers much more competitive. Their patented and proven technology, scientific know-how and flexible delivery model significantly improves product performance, quality, and reduces costs.

PRG is a leading supplier in its market segment, supplying numerous world famous brands with the highest quality watch cases. All products are certified in accordance with theNIHS standards of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry.

PRG Manufacture SA

Rue St. Maurice 7C

2800 Delémont

Alliance Scientifique

Le Perroud 

38610 Venon - France

PRG Manufacture SA is specialized in product development, proto-typing & production of high precision parts. PRGM prides itself on superior quality products, adhering fully to the excellence in precision parts Switzerland is world renowned for.

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