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The services we provide​

At AIM, we are truly passionate about cutting edge technology. Our main focus is in the sectors of implantable medical devices and high-end watch manufacturing. With four decades in precision manufacturing, our partner institutions culminate invaluable experience and advanced know-how to bring unparalleled results at competitive market prices. Below is a breakdown of our areas of expertise:


​Industrial Research Support​

AIM accompanies research and development teams in conducting literature reviews and publishing scientific studies in peer-review journals.

With considerable experience in the field of orthopaedics implants, AIM offers rapid and effective support to elaborate development strategies and to marketing through scientific communication.

Intellectual Property Services

AIM provides technology companies customized support for their intellectual property portfolios.

With solid expertise in patenting for medical devices, AIM conducts prior art searches, patent clearance reports and in-house training workshops. Our services also include drafting of invention reports and claims as well as designing internal procedures to implement IP strategies.


Technology Optimization Projects
Economic Manufacturing Solutions

With numerous successful projects accomplished, AIM works closely with partners to identify aspects of their product design, product development, procurement and manufacturing that can be optimized for better lead times, more competitive pricing and above all, quality.


AIM achieves this in the following ways:


  • We audit the existing modus operandi of the partner to ascertain the pain points

  • We conduct thorough market research to identify best available technologies and practices relevant to the client needs.

  • We submit detailed and modular reports in stages ranging from minimally invasive procedural changes to more comprehensive shifts involving capital expenditure.

AIM and its partners offer precision manufacturing in the realm of watch components at highly competitive market conditions. Our impeccable track record is supplemented by our extensive network of suppliers worldwide allowing for essential cost optimization.


We are currently in the process of expanding our facilities to offer manufacturing solutions for precision surgical instruments. Please feel free to contact us for more info.


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